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iMaxRC B606 Pro Intelligent Balance Charger

Performance parameter

Input voltage: 11-18V DC
Charge power: max. 80W
Charge current range: 0.1-6.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1-2A
Current drain for balancing LiPo: 300mAh/cell
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-18 ce lls
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe battery cell count:1-6 series
Pb battery voltage: 2V-24V

Includes:Exterior and accessories

IMAXRC B606 PRO Balance Charger
- DC cable
- Instruction manual
- Multifunction wires
- Adaptor board

Comparison with other chargers

Item Input voltage Max Charge power LiPo/LiIo/LiFe battery
B6 pro balance charger 11-18V DC 50W 1-6S
B6 06 pro balance charger 11-18V DC 80W 1-6S
B606 AC balance charger 11-18V DC 100-240V AC 80W 1-6S

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