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Imax RC B606 AC ProHigh performance and professional Intelligent Digital Balance Charger

Imax B606AC PRO Input Lipo/LiFe/Li-lon NiMH/NiCd Pb
AC:100-240V/DC:11-18V 1-6S 1-18 Cells 1-10 Cells
  4 2-24V


  • IMAXRC B606 AC PRO Balance Charger * 1
  • - Power Cord * 1
  • - Instruction manual * 1
  • - Multifunction wires *1 set
  • - Adaptor board * 1


  • Input voltage: 11-18V DC 100-240V AC
  • Charge power: max. 80W
  • Discharge power: max. 10W
  • Charge current range: 0.1-6.0A
  • Discharge current range: 0.1-1.2A
  • Current drain for balancing LiPo: 300mAh/cell
  • Balance tolerance: 0.01V
  • NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1-18 cells
  • LiPo/LiIo/LiFe battery cell count: 1-6 series
  • Pb battery voltage: 2V-24V
  • Dimension: 147mm X 145mm X 56mm
  • Weight: 980g

Imax RC B606 AC PRO Special feature

Imax rc B606AC PRO employs an advanced charging calculation and design which allow multilayer error to be compatible. It can create a safe charging condition and maximum reduce the danger caused by negligence or setting error of user. It adopts prevalent Synchronous buck & boost converter technology, this makes conversion efficiency up to 90%. It accepts all types of R/C batteries: LiPo, Li-ion, LiFe, NiMH, NiCd, Pb.During the process, it can monitor and balance each cell of the pack individually (Tolerance: +_0.01V). This charger employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer to maintain you pack in balance while charging/discharging.

Simple & efficient user interface

The user interface makes operation easy, with powerful function and abundant content. Real-time shows you the battery voltage, charger current, temperature of batteries, capacity of charge/discharger, elapsed time, input voltage etc., therefore, you can inquire the present state and establish various safety-limited parameters conveniently.

Individual battery charging/discharging and various charging mode

It accepts individual battery charging/discharging, so you can extend the scope of application of the charger. That is equally useful for the DIY battery. Various of charging mode to meet different demand: charging-auto/balance charging/fast charging/storage and cyclic charging etc.

Five data of batteries and 1-5 cycles

For users convenience it can store and load maximum five data of different batteries. You can establish the data contains program setting of the battery to charge or discharge continually. Three data can be called out at any time you need and the process can be executed without program setting. Perform 1-5 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge continually for NiMH/NiCd refreshing.


1.Temperature Sensor

You can connect a high-precision digital temperature sensor to protect the charger works in a safe temperature. Once a battery reaches the maximum temperature you set during charge/discharge, the process will be terminated to protect the battery. This is very important for NiMH/NiCd (separately purchased temperature sensor).

2.Imax RC B606 AC PRO USB cable, and Software

It offers PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery by USB port. It shows a graph of voltage , current, capacity and temperature curves and it also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack.

3.Battery safe bag

Big :23cm*30cm & Small: 18cm*23cm

Warnings and safety notes

When you start the process, especially the discharge process, the unit will become warm, please keep clear of the heat area and do not cover it by anything when using. Do not keep it in an environment below 5℃ or above 50℃.Do not use it in a wet or corrosive environment. Keep all the inflammable volatile materials well away from operating area. Please don't let the charger get hurt through falling, bumping, striking, shaking, and heavy press and so on. Do not attempt the voltage higher than the requirement by manufactures. Ensure the type of the battery and the voltage of the battery pack are selected correctly. Do not use the different types or different capacities synchronously. The standard accessories can only support one battery pack. When you are willing to use multi-packs, please separately purchase the special accessories, never do a disassembly or alteration to the charger. Do not attempt to charge/discharge the non-recharged battery or damaged battery. Keep the charger away from children and pet at all time! Never leave the charger unsupervised when it is connected to its power supply.

Multi-function wires

Six kinds of wires are provided with the IMAXRC B606AC PRO charger. You can charge and discharge your battery easily with these wires.

All kinds of plugs as follows

EUR PLUG UK PLUG Australia PLUG America PLUG Swiss PLUG Japan PLUG
I420001 I420004 I420011 I420007 I420015 I420010