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Imaxrc B20 Power Supply

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply SPECIFICATION

  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Output: 14V/16A
  • MAX: 220W
  • Case: AL-alloy
  • Dimension: 18×9×5cm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Cool fan: Yes
  • For X200, X100,X80, B6Pro, B6Twins, B610 Pro

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply Special Features

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply is designed special for high power charger and balancer charger applied to RC model. It can supply a constant 16A at 14v, making it perfect for chargers using a lot of power to charge big packs fast, or you can hook up 2 or 3 smaller chargers to charge up to 5 or 6S packs each. Even if you don't charge at high rates, having a solid power supply like this will ensure the charger is supplied with a good constant current, helping it to balance cells and operate better. The charger will suit 100-240v 50-60Hz home power points.

As a professional AC power supply designer and manufacturer, we know it is very important for power supply that output enough power and reliable voltage. In generally, when we charge any battery packs with DC-DC RC charger, due to the heat consumption, the power supply have to output more power to drive the DC-DC RC charger, and make sure the charger works at the maximal charging current. Simply speaking, 10-20% is essential, such as the charging power is 100W, the power that power supply can output should be 110-120W at least, Charging Power is the battery voltage multiply the charging current.

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply Includes

  • - Imaxrc B20 Power Supply * 1
  • - Power Cord * 1
  • - Instruction manual * 1

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply is AVAILABLE

  • Intelligent cooling fan start automatically upon internal temperature
  • 1 sets Gold output terminals
  • LED indicate the power supply status
  • Switching technology assure higher efficiency
  • Over current protection
  • While the internal temperature over 60 DegC, dual cooling fan start automatically
  • Attractive Al alloy case
  • Power ON or OFF on AC input
  • AC 100-240V input worldwide use
  • Output DC 14V 16A 220W max.

Dual output

Imaxrc B20 Power Supply has 1 sets golden banana plug.

Warnings and safety notes

  • - Never leave the power supply unsupervised while it is powered on.
  • - For indoor use only.
  • - Never let children operate the power supply without supervision from an adult.
  • - Use the power supply in a well-ventilated area, away from people and electrically conductive or inflammable materials.
  • - The power supply can become hot during use. Take great care before handling it.
  • - Risk of electric shock.
  • - Do not open or modify this unit.