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Imax RC 4B606 Pro Intelligent Balance Charger

IMAX RC 4B6 06 PRO Specification

Input voltage: 11-18VDC
Charge power: 80Wx4
Power Source: 12V DC(car battery)/AC mains PSU(>200watts)
Cell count: 1-18 NiCd/NiMHx4/ 1-6 Li-ion/Polymer Cellx4/ 1-10 Lead acid cells(2~20V)x4
Current drain for balancing Li-ion/Polymer cell: 200mAh/cell
Charge termination NiCd/NiMH: Automatic, negative Delta Peak method
Charge termination Lead acid&Li-ion/Polymer: Automatic, negative dependent, CC-CV process
Dimension: 220mm X 150mm X 40mm
Weight: 1300g


1. Imax RC 4B6 06 PRO Intelligent Balance Charger Balance Charger;
2. Manual Book;
3. 7 Kinds of wires(Tamiya charging cable ,FutabaRX charging cable, JR charging cable, Glow charging cable, Dean charging cable(total4pcs:1pc long,3pcs short),Crocodile clip charging cable, JST/BEC charging cable);
4. 4 Kinds of Balance Adapter ( PQ-02 adapter, JST XH adpter, EH-02 adapter, TP/FP-02 adapter);
5. 1 pair scissors clip.

ImaxRC 4B6 06 Pro employs the circuit that feature 4 totally independent but identical power outputs which are powered 80 watts each. Total power are 320 watts. Very advanced charger, able to charge, balance and discharge 4 x Lion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), NiCd and NiMH batteries at the same time.


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