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1-6S Li-Po battery voltage Indicator

Item number:490030


1. Auto shift the voltage data one unit by one unit
2. Protect reverse connection
3. Little current consume
4. Battery cell : 1-6s Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe battery
5. Test accuracy : ± 0.005v
6. Input voltage: 0.01V - 4.50V Per cell
7. Display : led
8. Test voltage range: 2.8v-25.2v
9. Weight:5g
10. Dimension:25mm x 24mm x 11mm


-High precision and fast response battery indicator
-It is used for 2.8V to25.2V Li-ion battery detection, automatic detection of lithium battery voltage of each core and the total voltage. Support the reverse connection protection.
It allows you to learn anytime, anywhere in the working state of your battery, so your battery will not overcharge and over discharge or damage.
-Easy to use, just plug the voltage indicator into the balancing tap, the indicator LED will show the voltage of each individual cell automatically. After all cells are checked, it also shows the sum of the voltage.

Package: Poly bag


1 X Li-Po battery voltage indicator